EEB photo set, with words.

What a long week this has been. Having just arrived from an awesome trip to Portland, I immediately had to follow it up with a few 12 hour days at the Exotic Erotic Ball here in the Bay Area. Not that I was working full 12 hour shifts mind you, but as many of you know waiting to perform your set at a venue is just as tedious as performing.

As is the case with things, I kept micro-blogging from my flickr account about some of the stranger experiences at the ball. There are some funny stories in many of the comments (like the rapper giving stage directions or Steve’s comment on the tiger), so be sure to check out my EEB ’07 Flickr set.

One of the most surreal experiences was walking in on the Chippendales pre-show prayer circle. They had their own room, but for some reason decided to use mine for the ritual. I guess it makes sense, they are based in Dallas and all. I’m sure you can appreciate how strange it seemed to see 12 male strippers in a circle praying to god for “a fantastic set tonight”. I was a little too surprised to snap a picture, plus the lighting would have been just terrible.






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