Hella hectic

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) I catch an 8 am flight to Portland where I’ll be doing a huge yo-yo show at a the grand opening of the new Macy’s and meeting up with local yo-yoers and craftsers. I would stay in town longer but I have to be back in time for Cartoonist Conspiracy on thursday night and Exotic Erotic on Friday and Saturday. Of course I’m doing the Mission Indie Mart on Sunday, so any spare time is spent building up my craft inventory.

Seriously, who else could fit a big yo-yo gig, craft show, sex expo, and organize a local cartooning club all within the same week.

This has been the busiest month of the year, and I’m sort of hoping November could be even bigger. At this point I’m just trying to keep up with demand on my designs and promote/grow my Etsy site. Of course the big craft selling time is also the big yo-yo gig time with all the big holiday gigs. Last weekend I did two 14 hour days yo-yoing in a silver spacesuit at the Connecting’07 design conference. The pay was decent, and I was really hoping to make enough to buy a decent laptop before Portland, but alas the gods of craigslist have not shown favor upon me.

The trip to Portland is going to be great. The gig will pay rent for a month and the rest of the time is just chillin’ time. This is a big deal because it’s hard for me to take time to relax here in the city. As a self employed crafter, I find it extremely difficult to ever just take a night off. Anytime I’m out at a movie or playing chess downtown, I keep feeling pings of guilt for not making things. So my time in PDX will be spent eating at the Hawthorne Fish House, playing chess at Backspace, and vintage uprights at Ground Kontrol, and yo-yoing with the locals. Since the gig is so big, and I’ve been working night and day for the last week, I decided to splurge… check out the hotel I’m staying at! If time allows, I may even meet up with Freckleface.

As for Exotic Erotic, I did it last year, but only for a few hours. This years EE Ball will be a couple 8 hour days of yo-yoing for a bunch of gangsters and frat boys. It’s a weird feeling, they just want to see woman having sex, not a yo-yoer. It works out though, apparently it went well last year, but the crowds never clap… for anyone. The only gratitude you feel on stage is when you look out at the end of your performance and see more people there than when you started. I’ve heard that I might even be on stage with Snoop Dogg. That’s pretty keen. Er, prizzle kizzle?

The craft show will be at 12 Galaxies for the first time. I’ve been sewing up a storm, mainly focusing on my iPhone cases and coffee cozies. I won’t bring any of my stuff from Etsy, but I’ll be bringing one of a kind versions of my wallets and crafts. BTW, I think our SF cells newest book (Halloween themed) will be going online soon. Hopefully by the weekend.







5 responses to “Hella hectic

  1. Brian the Atomic Bear Avatar

    Busy=good. And I too feel guilty when I am doing something fun that I should be out making money or becoming a doctor or something. But sometimes going out for some fun leads to job leads, or so I tell myself.

    The Halloween comic should be on-line this weekend and the Art is Rocking. Just need to get some info and credits squared away and we should be good to go.


  2. Drew Avatar

    you are a superhero, doc.

  3. Seth Avatar

    “Prizzle kizzle” totally cracked me up. Glad to hear the crazy successful busyness business continues.

  4. O Avatar

    Im not sure I understand this article

  5. O Avatar

    Im not sure I understand this article

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