iPhone case made from Nudie brand underwear

By now you’ve probably already seen me mention my iPhone cases a few times on this site and on my Etsy page, but I made a new one this weekend that I thought was worth a special mention. My friend Kiya recently purchased 4 pairs of Nudie underwear and gave me the awesome little bags they came in. Nudie Jeans is a very popular manufacturer of raw denim jeans based in Switzerland. I didn’t even know they made underwear.

I held on to the bags hoping to find something cool to use the material for. When I decided to make a custom iPhone case for my friend Baz, I knew these bags would come in handy.

Here is a picture of the case in progress. The denim I used is actually from a pair of Nudie Jeans. I used the bags drawstring to make the hoop for a wallet chain or for a key attachment. As an extra detail I lined the back of the iPhone pocket with the part of the bag with the sizing. It’s a subtle touch that you really don’t notice unless you are closely examining the insides of the pockets. I love hiding little bits of detail like this.

Here’s another picture of the finished case on top of one of the untouched bags. As you can see, the headphone still plugs in while the case is closed, but the speaker on the bottom of the is also uncovered too.

I have 3 more bags, so I’ll probably make 3 more cases to sell at craft shows in the Bay. Right now I’m just waiting to get 3 more pieces of Nudie denim to recycle. I will be selling some of my iPhone cases at the next Mission Indie Mart at 12 Galaxies in SF (on October 28th) and I currently have a few different models on my Etsy page.

If you’d like to see video of my iPhone case, I demonstrate one of mine on my Craft Catavlog.