New Halloween Jam Comic from SFCC

Click picture to open up “ScaredyCat_SF2007.pdf”

It’s officially that time of the year again, my least favorite holiday is upon us… This year, the San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy has created a special jam comic with a ghoulish theme. The comic’s script was written by Joe Borrelli, and adapted into comic form by me and my friends at the last couple CC meetings. Special thanks to Brian Kolme for scanning the images for the pdf.






One response to “New Halloween Jam Comic from SFCC

  1. Brian Avatar

    “my least favorite holiday” Bummer, I love Halloween.

    I really love the way this comic turned out and I think it will look awesome in print too.

    Looks like you have some code mess on your post with out the LINK which is:

    See you soon Doc

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