Updating the nets

Last night someone on Twitter mentioned a guy on Castro St. with a pink wig. I immediately knew who she was talking about and wanted to send her a picture of him I drew a few years ago but that picture was no longer online. It died with B3 Studios. I knew I had a copy on my old laptop, but the graphics card was dead. I was determined to find that picture, so I tried slaving my laptop to my desktop (keep more “master” unit on, then power on your “slave” while holding down the T button until a dock appears on your master’s desktop).

Success. I grabbed the pic and updated the blog entry it originally appeared in (read it here, it’s pretty funny). Then I found some pictures I drew at the first sex party I went to and updated that entry (read it here).  Of course all of this updating happened way to late for it to still be relevant and I didn’t want to Twitter someone I never met and say “Hey, remember that thing you wrote a day ago?”, but I am glad to have those entries updated. If anyone else sees any broken picture links, please let me know.

Having my laptop open was like having a portal back in time, not wanting to miss anything (I am a total pack-rat after all) I compulsively started uploading pictures onto my Flickr account. Many were works in progress that will probably never get finished but some are just great old pictures or black and white illustrations. I probably increased my flickr roll by about %33 percent, but I’m happy to already see some commenting going on. Damn I love comments, they’re like online doggy treats.

I’m actually thinking about making my first Gocco print this week, and want to see if there are any certain pieces that people think I should print. Check out my illustrations folder and list what you feel NEEDS to get printed.

After all that was said in done I even went into my old myspace profile and updated that.







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