4 Evisu wallets available on Etsy now.


wallets made from Evisu Jeans, originally uploaded by docpop.
I’ve just added 4 new wallets to my Etsy account, check them out here.

These wallets were all made from a pair of Evisu jeans that I tailored. I’m not a big fan of Evisu’s cuts, but their denim is definitely nice. This is heavy raw denim with very unusual selvage lines. The green upholstery and dark leather look great with the denim.






4 responses to “4 Evisu wallets available on Etsy now.

  1. Amy Avatar

    Hey Doc,
    Will you ever make a ipod case/wallet combo? I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t like to carry a purse very often. It would be nice to be able to have my wallet and ipod in one case so that my pockets wouldn’t be full of all the stuff i need to carry with me.

  2. doc Avatar

    Hello Amy, thanks for the question.
    I think that the current iPhone case may suit your needs since it does have a larger pocket in the back that you can carry your money and cards in.
    Do you think that would work for your needs, or are you talking about something different?

  3. Amy Avatar

    i think it would work but the iphone is bigger than the average 30 GB so the ipod may not fit as well so thats why i as was asking.

  4. doc Avatar

    Oh, I got it. I could totally do a custom case.
    Email your iPod’s dimensions and any other requests (leather/vegan/colors/etc) to yoyogenius at gmail dot com.

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