Bomarr shares his salvaged beats

My friend, and beat-making hero, Bomarr released his new EP “Scraps” today. The album, which is a compendium to his recent album Freedom From Frightened Air, is available online for free. Click here for the official album info and file.

“Scraps” features collaborations with fellow Restiform Bodies bandmates Telephone Jim Jesus and Passage, as well as new tracks and remixes from artists such as Of Montreal, Circus, and anticon labelmate Sole.

Personally, I think this is some of the best shit Bomarr’s done yet. Stand out tracks include Atur and Sneakmove iPhone Ringtone Song.

On Atur, Bomarr is joined by Restiform Bodies frontman Passage to create a track filled with Passage’s melodic lyrical delivery and 8 bit glitches and loops. The track comes from the first sneakmove minicomp 7″ (as well as appearing on Restiform Bodies myspace page, but not for download). Last time I talked to Passage he was getting into LSDJ and Nanoloop, so that’s probably what the melody comes from, but he could be using MIDI-NES or maybe even just 8 bit samples. I’m curious to find out… Okay, Bomarr says it’s Nanoloop.

Sneakmove iPhone Ringtone Song (mp3 here, but you really should just dl the whole album!) is quickly recognized as the generic “Marimba” ringtone that is the iPhone’s default ring for just about every feature. It seems that every-time I play this track on my phone, an actual call comes in… it’s a weird experience and sometimes I don’t even realize it’s a call. I just think “I don’t remember this breakdown”. On the subject of ringtones, here is my downloadable iPhone ringtone.

Bomarr is currently working with the rest of the Restiform Bodies on their sophomore release, due next year, and is planning on producing another of his “Wild X-mas” podcasts in time for the holidays. You can check out his last Wild X-Mas podcasts here.






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