I bumped in to Cheng today. I first meet Cheng the week after the yo-yo episode of Master Of Champions aired on ABC. I was yo-yoing at a bus stop when he ran up to me all excited and introduced himself. He said he had literally just gotten out of Folsom prison. He told me that he and most of the other inmates were huge fans of Master of Champions and that he had seen me on the show. In San Francisco, it seemed like hardly anyone in San Francisco had seen the episode, so it was really weird to get recognized on Mission St.

Cheng and I had a cool talk waiting for the bus and I never really expected to see him again, but I seem to keep bumping in to him at totally random places in the last year. It was real odd bumping in to him today, however, considering how much time and effort I’ve been spending trying to get the footage online in the past day. Cheng works for Union Square giving info to tourists now, and as we were talking today he kept informing passersby “This is Doc Popular! From Master of Champions!”.

I got a kick out of it.






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