DIY iPhone stand ideas

travel iPhone wrap

I had been meaning to create a list of on the go iPhone stand techniques that I’d stumbled upon over the past few months of traveling and gig-ing, but had put the project on hold until Veronica Belmont tweeted me this morning about this blog entry (via The iPhone Blog).

The blog post was about the author’s (Rakesh Agrawal) daughter learning yo-yo tricks from an old episode of Mahalo Daily that I did with Veronica. To make it easier, the daughter fashioned a method of attaching the iPhone to the refrigerator using magnets. Cute huh?

Anyways, the magnet trick once again got my mind thinking about how difficult (and painful) it can be to try to watch long video on your iPhone, so I’ve posted pictures of a improv methods I’ve been using over the months. To make it more useful, I’ve posted created a flickr group for DIY iPhone stands.

Just a heads up, I’ll soon be posting a batch of new denim iPhone cases onto my Etsy page.







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