Guess who is opening for Monsieur Frontalot?

Me! Did you guess correctly?

in the studio for the Twistin' Cherry Stems single

I’m so stoked to sing and rap my lil’ heart out onstage at Cafe Du Nerd. I’ll actually be the first act, and it will be an uber short set, but I’m really stoked because I’ll be getting in for free. It’ll be keen to meet Schaffer too I guess.

I’ll probably be doing Tanner’s (MC Router’s producer) remix version of Happy Valuim Meal as well as the newly produced Twistin’ Cherry Stems (with production by Badd Spellah [omg!]). I’ve started writting a new song about tech in the bay area too that might be finished by Sunday.

Speaking of Twistin’ Cherry Stems, the single is due out in January! Anticon’s Bomarr (previously Bomarr Monk and member of Restiform Bodies) has signed up for remix duties along with the amazing 8bit Betty!

I think you should come, I’ll be onstage at 8pm. Did you see Front’s new video yet?