… my brand new cassette tape holders:

Just kidding. The picture above is of yesterday’s work, a new variation on my denim wallets. The design is the same, but each of these wallets was made from pieces of vintage neckties and scraps from a pair of Sugarcane’s Okinawa jeans.

I’ve found that stuffing the wallets with cassette tapes helps give the final product more of a polished look by pushing out the edges and giving them a more symmetrical shape.

Many of you may remember that I got my crafty start by working with neckties on projects like my Fat Tie Hats and many many others. It’s fun to combine my new skills in working with denim with my old passion of vintage neckties.The necktie is used for the wallet chain, the big pocket, and the wallet chain hoop on the side. Each tie only has enough material for one wallet, making each wallet one of a kind.

I’ll be putting these on Etsy soon, but I just wanted to give readers and friends first pick if they saw anything they like. The wallet/chain combo is $40 each (versus $35 + $9, which is my usual price for each item), so if you see something you like email me (

Click here to see more pictures on Flickr.

A note about Sugarcane denim. Sugarcane arguably manufactures some of the world’s most unique selvage jeans. The denim is made from sugarcane cotton and weaved in Japan on old style shuttle looms, which give the denim more character. If you smell these wallets, they actually have a sweet smell to them. The dye job is also very unique, it’s hard to see indoors, but in good sunlight you can see darker areas of dye and lighter areas. I know that sounds bad, but it actually looks good. Not to mention, this denim is very soft, for raw denim. I can’t say enough about it.

One more note, only four of this batch are from the blue pair of Sugarcane materials. The wallet with the black selvage and darker denim is one of Sugarcane’s new denim jeans, which is a darker (black?) dye and much stiffer. This wallet is also the only one available without the leather credit card pocket.






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