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PopCast Episode 1

I’m not one to rest on my laurels for long.

Having recently purchased a new laptop, I thought I would be putting my crafting biz on the sidelines for a while so I could get re-acquainted with my electronic self.

It turns out that not only did my crafting not stop (or even slow down), but I’ve also managed to post a few videos and even tackle a few songs over the weekend (including a new theme song for GETV). All while doing a few Go Game gigs, getting a lot of good yo-yo and board game time with friends, and booking some shows.

One of the videos, the possibly the most exciting, is my new video blog “PopCast“. PopCast aims to be a weekly (but bi-weekly would also be fine) yo-yo vlog in which I talk about a new yo-yo, show a basic trick, an advanced trick, and pontificate on this week in yo-yo in each episode. Hopefully the shows will average 5 minutes or less and you can check them out on my yo-yoing blog or subscribe via iTunes (the subscription URL is or just click this link).

The other video project, also yo-yo related, was getting the entire Master Of Champions episode online (in various sizes and formats). If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you should totally check it out. It was the most surreal pop culture experience I’ve ever experienced. Even to this day, when I watch the video I feel like I’m watching somebody else on tv.

That’s enough blogging, I’ve got 14 pairs of jeans to alter now.






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