New laptop, new projects

After a few weeks of constant work, I finally had some scratch to purchase a laptop to replace my old G4. Luckily, I had a friend at Six Apart that hooked me up with the person that handles their old inventory. They have a lot of PowerBooks in stock, as well as some PowerBook Pros (which I guess are now called MacBook Pros), but even at discounted prices I couldn’t afford a Pro. So, using my dirty/filthy Exotic Erotic money, I bought a used PowerBook G4 (hardware details here).

Of course the day after the purchase, I bumped in to some performers from the EE Ball that informed me that my Exotic Erotic check was completely worthless… the show was not very succesful this year and all the checks from “Best of” Entertainment are expected to bounce. A quick check on my online Wells Fargo account seems to verify this is what is happening, the money has not yet cleared and Wells says it won’t be available until November 14th, at which point I’m sure the check will be marked as insufficient funds.

After purchasing my new lappy (and a $140 battery), I then went to my friend Paul Nathan’s house and hacked two of his iPhones in exchange for a bottle of absinthe. I used the newest hack that is on It’s amazing how quickly they hacked 1.1.1 and even made it doable entirely using a URL on your iPhones web browser (no computer necessary!). I just sent the development team a paypal donation of $20 as thanks.

Later the next day, I ended up being pursued by a local shop owner who confronted me about a Yelp review I wrote. Awkward. The owner kept respectful as they described their perspective on my review. I understood their perspective, and actually really appreciated the fact that they came up and talked to me. It showed me that they heard and respected my opinion, still it was really awkward… prey you never get confronted on a review you write.

Now that I finally have a new computer, it’s time to start getting electronically active again… which usually means something else will be cut, in this case I’ll probably cut back on my crafts. It’s been a 4 months since I’ve made any electronic music, so the first thing I did with this new machine was create a new theme song for, which will hopefully start being used on the next episode. I’ll soon be starting a new yo-yo video called “Shuttle” that I think will rock, but first I need to finish editing the footage from last years “Master Of Champions” show that me and my friends were on, and getting that all online. I already have my interview on YouTube, the rest is yet to come (including the entire episode and just the edited yo-yo scenes).

When I’m not working on new songs, or video editing, I’m also catching up on friend’s video blogs. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Veronica Belmont’s first episode of her new vlogshow for Mahalo. Also noticed that Jetset is now Epic-fu.



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    You’d better watch tomorrow’s show! 😉

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