Ties to fascism

I brought a bunch of ties with me to this weeks SCoW (Sewing Crafting on Wednesdays) get together. As I was seam ripping I noticed the tag on this silk tie:

If you can’t see the label in the image, it says “FASCIST” by Sheildron. I googled it and nothing turned up, it’s a bit of a mystery. The tie appears to be made in the last 30 years, but I really have nothing to verify that, the label does indicate that it was manufactured in Korea.

My only guess is that the company that manufactured the tie assumed that the words “fascist” was somehow associated with the word “fashion” or “fashionable”.

I would suspect that the tie was not a very popular seller in a post WWII America.
I left the tie unripped, but managed to get a lot of work done making patterns and surging throughout the night. I’ve got some great material for some new wallets and chains. Speaking of which, check out this gorgeous piece of polyester magic

I LOVE it when the inside material is even cooler looking than that on the outside. It’s like a easter egg, waiting to be discovered by my crafty hands. I have a special idea for this brown and white beauty… instead of doing a leather front pocket (for credit cards), I’m going to use the brown side, and for the big pocket I’ll flip the material and use the cool white side. The wallet chain will be brown side out. I’ll post pics when its done.