Ties to fascism

I brought a bunch of ties with me to this weeks SCoW (Sewing Crafting on Wednesdays) get together. As I was seam ripping I noticed the tag on this silk tie:

If you can’t see the label in the image, it says “FASCIST” by Sheildron. I googled it and nothing turned up, it’s a bit of a mystery. The tie appears to be made in the last 30 years, but I really have nothing to verify that, the label does indicate that it was manufactured in Korea.

My only guess is that the company that manufactured the tie assumed that the words “fascist” was somehow associated with the word “fashion” or “fashionable”.

I would suspect that the tie was not a very popular seller in a post WWII America.
I left the tie unripped, but managed to get a lot of work done making patterns and surging throughout the night. I’ve got some great material for some new wallets and chains. Speaking of which, check out this gorgeous piece of polyester magic

I LOVE it when the inside material is even cooler looking than that on the outside. It’s like a easter egg, waiting to be discovered by my crafty hands. I have a special idea for this brown and white beauty… instead of doing a leather front pocket (for credit cards), I’m going to use the brown side, and for the big pocket I’ll flip the material and use the cool white side. The wallet chain will be brown side out. I’ll post pics when its done.





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  1. Frank Avatar

    Dear …..

    I happen to have a Fascist tie myself too and just like you I was extremely surprised to find one on a street market in Asia(…..).
    My sample is really nice and feel sorry for not buying more that time.
    I am not sure where they come from but I must assue that the Asian designer must have not known the meaning behind that word.

    I am an artist (not a painter) and would like to know more about your story as to how and where you found your fascist ties.
    I am looking for more of them.

    Please contact me if you get this message.

    Best regards,


  2. doc Avatar

    Doc, my name is Doc.
    Thanks for telling me about your tie. I’m happy to know there are plenty more out there. I like to think it’s really big in countries that don’t know what “Fascist” is, and hopefully not so popular in countries that do.
    Unfortunately, I have no story behind my tie. I’ve collected neckties since I was a teenager, and until I noticed the tag (this year) this particular tie never struck my attention. I don’t remember where I got it, how, or when, sorry Frank. If you do write a piece on it, I’d love to read it. Maybe you could post a link here in the comments for people to follow.

  3. Frank Avatar

    Hi Doc,

    thanks a lot for replying to me.
    It is surprising to see how you could not notice this label in the back of your special tie.
    As for me that was the first horrible thing that my eyes could catch.
    Anyway, to unravel a bit more of this factory mistery, I must believe that it is an Asian one. Either Korean or Malesyan or even Thai.
    I myself found it in a night street second-hand market in Bangkok. But the tie is brand-new.

    Shall we challenge each and see who will find the next one?
    Or even, shall we challenge our acquaintances to find the next one?
    As a language-interested man, I am terribly curious to know how and why this FASCIST tie line was ever “fabricated”.
    If it is a language mis-translation it would be enormously stupid, whereas if it was simply a deliberate act, it was then tremendously vulgar.

    In any case….good luck with your search and Happy NEw Year 2008.


  4. doc Avatar

    I’ll definitely keep my eye out for another Fascist tie.
    I’m curious, does yours look like mine? I had this idea that the tie was only made in a small run 30 years ago, and then they realized their mistake, but now I’m not sure.
    Was the place selling new clothes or did it seem to used clothes?

  5. Frank Avatar

    Hi Doc….

    sorry for my late reply.
    Ok, I’ll tell you, … I found my tie in a second hand street market, BUT, the ties on sale were all brand-new. And, no, my tie looks definitely different from yours.
    It is yellow and I took a picture of it which I will send to you soon.
    I made an art work out of it which, yes, I will show at an art fair. Next to it however I will have another work that in ironic way refers to mankind ever changing drive to trying out new and old political systems.

    I am not sure when in time these ties were manufactured, but I am definitely eager to find more of them.
    So, let’s keep searching.

    If I do not post you here please write me an email.

    Where are you based Mr Doc?
    Are you willing to have professional work cooperation?

    Best to you and hear from you soon.

  6. doc Avatar

    Yes, I’m SF based. My emails is
    yoyogenius at gmail dot com
    I’d love to hear what you have in mind, and look forward to seeing your art.

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