With style to spare

Hear ye, hear ye; Let it now be known that Chamalyn, the Mission’s finest candy emporium and importer of Japanese snacks, is now offering “Doc Pop Style” bubble tea.

That’s right, your favorite obscure celebrity is now available as a creamy cool beverage.

Chamalyn, located on 19th at Valencia st., has been privately offering Doc Pop Style bubble tea since it first started selling bubble teas last year, but May Lynn (the store’s owner) only recently made DP bubble tea available to the rest of her customers earlier this week when she first added it to the “Today’s Special” menu.

The flood gates have been opened and now May Lynn braces for the onslaught of mainstream attention the store will now recieve. “We’ve already had some people who’ve asked about [Doc Pop Style]” she says, “But I don’t think anyone has tried it yet.”

Although Doc Pop style is similar to the store’s Hong Kong style flavor, the drink can only be described as grumpy coffee drink meets egotistical cream somehow creating a well balanced blend with no bitterness. Okay, a little bitterness, but lot’s of charm.





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