Opening for MC Lars at Monterey Live

Another last minute show update, I’ll be opening for MC Lars at Monterey Live (in Monterey, CA) tomorrow night. The show will be all ages and stuff.

I’ll be doing a half hour set and will be joined by MC Inadequate for a few of the songs. The response I recieved from my last show (with Frontalot and Schaffer) was really friggin’ positive, so I’m pretty stoked about this show….

… but I just caught a severe cold too. So, we’ll see how well I can pull my shit together.

At least “Sick-O” will have that authentic “sick person” sound to it. I keep it real, yo!






One response to “Opening for MC Lars at Monterey Live

  1. Brian Kolm Avatar

    Your a busy, busy man. Better to be busy then to have nothing happening.

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