The Hot Tub Jeans Experiment

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6 years ago, you used to be able to walk into the Levi’s flagship store, pick up some raw denim jeans and go soak in them in a giant hot tub. The idea was part of Levi’s “Shrink To Fit” campaign. After their first soak, the jeans should be tight and form fitting, then you would walk into a “human sized” blow dryer and be ready to go to town in your own custom fit jeans. If you weren’t happy with the result, Levi’s wouldn’t charge you. What a keen experience that would have been.

Having recently bought a pair of raw Imperial brand raw jeans, I wanted to try out this hot tub idea out for myself, but with a twist. I wanted to see what happened when I soaked my jeans in Calistoga Spring’s hot mineral water. I’ve recorded the results and posted them in this video blog.