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Lately my rss feed reader has been stuffed full of whack holiday specials and trite top ten lists, but a few keen videos have come out lately that I wanted to share with you guys.The first video is an imaginative retelling of Little Red Riding Hood called Little Red and the Big Red Book. This animated short is a lo-fi masterpiece directed by Toasty, whose knitted glove hoodies I recently blogged about. The story takes Little Red and places her in the throws of our modern society, which may sound a bit “Enchanted”-esque, but Toasty put hers online last december.

My friend Kaia has gone online with and she’s posted her crafty new commercial on the front page. Lips By Wong is Kaia’s lip balm business. This makes me really want to shoot a video for Doc Pop Crafts.

Of course I’m still spending a lot of time on my own video projects, including PopCast (my yo-yo video blog). The newest episode was posted over the weekend and features the amazing two handed skills of Joseph Harris. Doing one of these a week is killing me, but the feedback I’ve received is making it worth it.

Folks who eat, drink, and breathe new media might enjoy Cheryl’s vlog on the subject. While I find myself turned off by some of the commercial aspects of the shows she mentioned, I think Cheryl might have come across as a little too over-dramatic. It’s true these shows are full of weird commercial/entertainment blurs, but that doesn’t mean we need to step back and re-evaluate the state of video blogging. For every show that dips its toes in advertising waters, there’s two more new shows to take it’s artistic place.

And finally, a sneak preview of Coraline has been posted on (thanks Brian). Coraline is the newest of Neil Gaiman’s projects to be brought to the big screen (his most recent was Stardust). According to, this animated feature film is shot in 3D and is expected to be released in 2009. Some of you may have seen the trailer playing before Beowulf in 3D. You can download the Quicktime file here, but be warned; it’s a 52 mb file that’s only 42 seconds long.






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  1. JWong Avatar

    I love doing video blogs. I still do the old fashion written blogs, but video blogging is the new age thing.

    Have you heard about KyteTV? I do a lot of my video blogging on there. You can create your own channel and produce multiple shows on that channel. The webcam feature makes it real easy! And you can also add pictures, text and links — all on the same show, or multiple shows. Having all your video blogs on one channel also makes it easy to manage all your blogs 🙂

    I recommend checking it out!

  2. hudsonbar Avatar

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