Denim und yo-yos

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Self Edge, the denim store I do alterations for, has recently announced their new Self Edge/Flat Head collaboration… on a yo-yo message board.

The new SExFH jeans, slated to be released in June, feature a gorgeous leather patch that reads “Fun Time Yo-yo” with a classic illustration of our favorite retro-winding double knob toy. Of course this means the yo-yo contests this year are going to be overflowing with these jeans, but I still totally want a pair anyways.

photo and craft by Drew Tetz

In other yo-yo/fashion news, my friend Drew Tetz, who created the Robot Friend papercrafts, has created a papercraft version of my friend Kiya Babzani. Kiya is a co-owner of both Self Edge and Anti-Yo, one of my favorite yo-yo companies. Drew created the fashionista paper toy as part of an upcoming contest to win a pair of Imperial Denim/Self Edge collaboration jeans coming out soon. The rules are vague, but the objective seems to be to see who can create the keenest thing with the Imperial Denim logo (the kangaroo). You can download your own denim/skill toy mogul here as a .pdf. See other entries here.

You may recall that in my recent hot tub video, I was wearing my black pair of Imperial Kings.







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