Leaving Pleasantville

Lately, I’ve been trying to experiment with coloring my illustrations using photoshop. Ever since my earliest photoshop coloring attempts, I’ve tried to use actual scans or photos of the objects I’m attempting to color (ie, instead of coloring a pair of blue jeans blue, I actually scan denim and place it in the image). In “The Prince Of The Comfy Chair”, I scanned fabrics, leathers, and even my forearms to get the colors used. The background was a polaroid print that I found on Bartlett St.

The second piece was created with more traditional colors (instead of my photoshop-collage technique), but it was an attempt at using colored lines instead of solid blacks. This is a very unnatural way for me to work, but maybe I’ll get the hang of it. Personally, I feel black and white is what I enjoy, but I know I need to learn to work with color to grow as an artist.

The background is a photo from Hubble. The original Prince of the Comfy Chair can be found here, the original Around The World can be found here, and my flickr “illustration” set can be found here.






4 responses to “Leaving Pleasantville

  1. Brian Avatar


    I think the coloring is looking pretty good. I really like the use of textures. It gives it a more organic look with a technique (digital that is) that is usually better at synthetic by it’s nature.

  2. zadi Avatar

    I love the photoshop collage technique. The textures add so much interest. To me it has more layering and story behind the initial look. 🙂

  3. stayhere01 Avatar

    Where can i have more info on this ?


  4. Grout Colorseal Avatar

    I became just browsing here and there but happened to be you just read this post.

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