My new album, vote on the CDD, and lolCats on GETV

Wanna help me spread the word about the Crate Digger Death-match? Read more below:

Last saturday, 12 musicians (including myself) took place in the first ever Crate Digger Death-match. The goal was for each artist to create an entire album in under 12 hours using only $12 of thrift sounds (cds, records, vhs, toys, etc). 7 of the 12 completed their albums and we’ve posted a “single” from each online.

I encourage everyone to check them out here and vote on your favorite artist.

I’m really digging a lot of what’s come out of the CDD so far. The singles are dope, but some of the real gems are actually on the artist’s full CDD albums. I’m particularly impressed with ‘s entire album, Snake Eyeand D-Form pulled of some great production tricks on his too.

The album I created for the event is called “Codfresh” and can be found here. Although I had tech issues that prevented me from completing the album in the time alloted, the album I posted was completed in 12 total hours (just not in a row).

In other Drown Radio news, my newest song, lolCats, was used in the newest episode of Geek Entertainment TV. See it here.






3 responses to “My new album, vote on the CDD, and lolCats on GETV

  1. Jonno Avatar

    Sweeet. I’m downloading this baby now.

    Shame about the Casio S-4. Still i can’t wait to listen to “Codfresh”.

  2. doc Avatar

    I totally recommend checking out the other albums too. I’ve been listening to Snake Eye’s record all day.

  3. Casey McKinnon Avatar

    <3 the new lolcats song 🙂

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