At our last San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy, I suggested we try our hands at recreating the popular “Fail” meme in cartoon form. Fail images capture excruciating moments of failure, typically punctuated by the word “Fail” in a bold font.

Below are a few of our pieces I worked on at the meeting, you can see all of our Fail Jam Comics in this flickr set. For the best collection of fail images online, check out the Fail Blog.

by Doc Pop

pencils by Doc Pop, Inks by Brian Kolm, coloring by Doc Pop

pencils by Brian Kolme, inks by Doc Pop







5 responses to “Fail!

  1. […] by the Fail! image blog, we would create our own images of Failure. To find out more check out Doctor Populars post, who suggested the idea as well as scanned and posted the art to […]

  2. Brian Avatar


    Thanks for scanning and posting and coloring. I really like how this challenge turned out.


  3. Mike Avatar

    That top piece with the lightbulb is one of my favorite. Nice paper effect in the background. Also, I like the one about the fire.

    I like fire.

  4. doc Avatar

    I got the idea for the lightbulb while talking to you, Mike.

    You mentioned getting an idea, and in my mind I saw a lightbulb appear over your head and then the filament went out.

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