This morning I was surfing some international yo-yo blogs when I stumbled upon this video I made with Alexander Maness from Current TV.

Alex came to Chico last year and followed me around as I told him about our humble sport. I hadn’t heard anything since the trip, so I just figured the whole documentary got trashed. Needless to say, I’m delighted to see that it did get finished and I think it looks great.

Speaking of blogs, my new friend Cate Corbitt recently posted a picture (shown below) from yesterday’s photo-shoot on her blog, SFFaces.com. The shoot was an potpourri mix of music publicity shots (for my band Drown Radio), product shots (for my new craft line), and a few yo-yo shots for Cate’s blog. SFFaces.com documents a portion of the Bay Area’s eclectic individuals.



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4 responses to ““Peeeace!”

  1. lc Avatar


    Whats that blue yoyo? it looks like somekind of Bolt. Blue bolt? or is it blue projam? thanks in advance

  2. doc Avatar

    Hey LC,
    Good eye, that blue lil’ beauty is special edition Bolt. It actually was a party favor from Kiya and Dimitra’s wedding in SF, but…
    Blue Bolts are coming to http://www.DoctorPopular.com
    I’m in the middle of a site redesign, which will be launching soon. When the new site goes up, I’m also going to add 100 of these beautiful Blue Bolts to my online store. It will be the first non-orange colored Bolts ever sold. (the first Bolts were a blood-orange).

  3. Drew Avatar

    definitely some of the better contest coverage i’ve seen. you and augie are priceless.

  4. redgrape Avatar

    i saw that little blue yoyo as well. im really excited about those! great vid too

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