Some recent promo pics

My friend (& Self Edge co-affiliate) Clay Gardner, took some awesome shots for my new yo-yo site. The photos turned out well, but needed some minor touch ups, so my friend Krisgoat punched them up with her amazing photoshopping skills. She sharpened the blurry yo-yo, cleaned up some dermatological issues, removed dandruff and various crap in the background, and on one photo she actually replaced my facial expression with one from another picture. Can you tell which photo has the swapped face?

If you have a good picture that you need to make look even better, have Krisgoat do it for you. It’s only 9.99 and I think it made a huge difference.






2 responses to “Some recent promo pics

  1. John Avatar

    They look great. 😉

  2. mappys Avatar

    this is nice information need to know more


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