Valentine’s Cereal Card

This year for Valentine’s Day, I bought a card that is in the shape of a cereal box. Considering the high price of cards, I was surprised that this giant card was only $3. I decided to use the cereal box as a gift box too, here was my process;

I started with a box of cereal, stapler, the card/box, and of course the gift (a sterling silver Frida Kahlo necklace).

I opened the cereal bag and poured most of it out, then put the necklace box in.

Then I added the rest of the cereal, and stapled the bag shut.

Put the bag in the cereal box with the staple side down.

Viola. Can’t wait to see Shannon open it.






5 responses to “Valentine’s Cereal Card

  1. Barce Avatar

    I’m stealing that for next year. Thanks!

  2. doc Avatar

    Cool, hope you do Barce.
    One thing that occurred to me a little late was that it would be really cool to do a whole grocery theme. Like have a paper bag filled with grocery items converted to gift cases.

  3. Jon Avatar

    Did she like it?

  4. doc Avatar

    Yeah, she loves it.

    The whole thing worked like a charm.

  5. Laquishacoggins Avatar

    you did not that lol i brought this same card for my boyfriend, but hey what she dont know what hurt her, and i just put candy in his your was so much better. i hope she liked it.

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