Blue Bolts

I’ve been waiting to post these special edition Blue Bolts until the shop on my new site is up, but since everyone keeps asking (and I’m not sure when the new site will be finished) I’ve posted ten Blue Bolts on my Etsy page.

You can see them here.

They are bind return only. Limit of two per customer. Good times.






7 responses to “Blue Bolts

  1. brian Avatar

    “They are bind return only.”

    What does this mean Doc?

  2. mee Avatar

    ouch, they’re pricier than I had hoped. Will the ones released on the new site be cheaper?

  3. doc Avatar

    Brian, “bind return” is a method of getting the yo-yo to return to your hand by “binding” the string. Older yo-yos just had to be tugged to get them to return, but this yo-yo won’t come back on that method.

    mee, I can’t say for sure, but the ones on the site will probably be more expensive. The plan was to sell each Blue Bolt with a denim holster, but I didn’t have time to do that for these. If they go online with holsters, they will be 35, without they will be 30. I took extra time with this batch of Bolts to play test each and everyone before I ship them, plus they come with that awesome FoxFlex string.

  4. Bart Cusick Avatar

    This Yo-Yo is Awesome! I just got one and I can’t seem to put it down. The string is great! Super pillow soft. Plus I love all of the new plastics that yoyojam is using. Now I have to get more of that flex string because I already filled mine full of knots.

    Also there is a great video tutorials on binding at

  5. doc Avatar

    I love how quickly USPS is these days. I’m thrilled that you love your new yo-yo, thanks for letting me know.

  6. ZEN Avatar

    hey Doc, I want one of the normal orange Bolts from you but I can’t seem to reach you.

  7. ZEN Avatar

    Doc Pop Bolt received, it’s one of the BEST plastic yoyo that I’ve ever played and I’m getting another one for extra.
    It’s one of those yos you just gotta have, so get one today.

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