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Last year was a great year for me, I learned a lot of new things and got a lot done, but 2008 has been real sluggish so far. All the parties and traveling at the end of 2007 pulled me away from my daily creating routines and I got so sick from in January that I lost my voice for a whole week.

As much as I’ve tried to get back on the making things happen wagon, I’ve spent most of my time staring at blank sheets of paper. This past weekend, however, I decided to lock myself in and take care of my business responsibilities. My main goal was to make 100 wallets over the weekend.

I worked most of Saturday and all of Sunday, only leaving the house twice, and although I feel short of my goal, I am very happy with the results. It’s very hard to work on large numbers of items all by yourself, most of your time is spent prepping pieces, or getting stuck on one of the pieces smaller details. Over the weekend I only finished 30 wallets, but I prepped enough pieces to easily finish another 70 today if I don’t waste my time on other projects (like blogging or posting on Etsy… I really need to find the time to do that though). I also siliconed about 70 yo-yo halves for the new Blue Bolts I’m releasing next week, and sent out all my Etsy orders from Friday and Saturday (there was a bunch of those for some freak reason, thanks!).

The Blue Bolts will be released when the new goes live, and the new wallets and iPhone cases should go on my Etsy site ( sometime today or tomorrow.

Here is a sneak peak, courtesy Cate Corbit:







4 responses to “my weekend

  1. mike Avatar

    You’re an inspiration, man.
    I need to draw!!!

  2. robtsou Avatar

    Sounds like things are good. Those Blue Bolts look great! What sort of sewing machine is that? I would have figured you for a treadler (sp?)

  3. doc Avatar

    It’s a New Home.

  4. robtsou Avatar

    I’ve become sort of a SM collector. I’m up to 4 (3 working). A Necchi, a Pfaff, a, Singer, and a Kenmore (non-working). The Singer is going to be a handcrank machine once I get the handcrank attachment.

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