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This week has been a week of snowballing failures, but at least I’ve finally posted some of my newest batches of wallets and designs onto

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

I haven’t been outside all day today. In fact, the last several days have all been spent indoors trying to build a store on my wordpress blog using e-commerce. It still isn’t working. I’m totally ready to rip my computers CPU out and jam it into my router (re: my neighbors router).

Monday was my birthday. Do you know what I did for my birthday? The coolest thing I did on my 31st birthday was that I finally learned how to embed YouTube videos onto wordpress pages.







3 responses to “New Etsy items on

  1. Chris Avatar

    Is the Union Special waist band still available?
    I’m interested in it.

    With best regards,

  2. doc Avatar

    No, I’m sorry. It’s sold.

  3. Isis Avatar

    This is quite an interesting post, keep posts like this coming, I am totally impressed!

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