PopCast “spotlighted” on YouTube

Some of you may be surprised today to see PopCast featured on YouTube’s rotating “Spotlight” banner today. I know I was. It’s not a front page spot, but it’s still very appreciated.

I’ve seen about 2,000 new viewers and 15 new subscriptions (vs the 30,000 views I recieved from the front page last year).

The Spotlight feature appears on most youtube pages and seems to feature one of 10 spotlight videos at a time. I wonder how long it will stay up, probably for a day.






3 responses to “PopCast “spotlighted” on YouTube

  1. doc Avatar

    7,000 views in two days. w00t.

  2. doc Avatar

    okay 10,000 since monday morning.

  3. KarlPMartim Avatar

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