Tonight I gave a yo-yo presentation at Quickies, a fundraiser for 826 put on by Ideo. It was a blast to see Ideo’s killer office space in Pier 28, and to perform a twist on my normal act (tweaking it slightly to fit a tech-ier crowd). My presentation was around 9pm, and I went on right before Adam Savage from Mythbusters. Adam gave a fun talk about his obsessive hobby of making movie replica props, that culminated in his attempt to make the ultimate Maltese Falcon reproduction. Of course, knowing Adam was going to be there, I threw in a quick bit about the yo-yo as a weapon myth, but I wasn’t able to pitch him the whole Mythbuster’s Yo-Yo Special idea I had floating around.

The Oakland design firm, Because We Can, was also there demonstrating some of their creations. At their booth, they also had a portable speaker in a thermos prototype by co(act)lab that I thought was a great idea. The thermos housed a small speaker and an amplifier that could be plugged into your music source to bump music on the go. Because of it’s shape, it could be carried around in your bike’s bottle holder. The idea was that when it wasn’t in use, you could roll the cord up and put thermos’s lid back on keeping it weather proof and theoretically discouraging thieves from thinking it’s anything more than just a plain coffee thermos.

Speaker in a thermos by Because We Can and co(act)lab

Of course, the thieves around here certainly wouldn’t be opposed to stealing a thermos if it wasn’t chained down.

Scott Beale recently posted a cool video by Brainchild about Because We Can on Laughing Squid too.






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