St. Patty’s Day fire on 26th and Valencia

There is a four alarm fire a few doors down from my apartment on Valencia Street (between 26th & 25th). When I was taking these photos it was hard to tell exactly how close our apartment was to the fire which was still fully raging (especially on alley side), but it looks like the SFFD has gotten the fire under control now. I’ve put up a flickr set here.
Our house is the tan house behind the big tree. 3 doors down from the fire.

the irish Pub two doors down from the fire remained open for business and it was slamming





2 responses to “St. Patty’s Day fire on 26th and Valencia

  1. ryan king Avatar

    I live straight across the alley from the last building that burned. It was pretty intense. I posted some photos too.

  2. doc Avatar

    Thanks for the link to the photos.
    I’m glad nobody was hurt today.

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