What color is your town?

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The City Hall of Palo Alto was recently mosaicked with photographs of nearly 18,000 of the cities homes. According to the Palo Alto Daily News, Samuel Yates spent 6 and a half years documenting Palo Alto’s neighborhoods in order to determine Palo Alto’s dominant color.

In the pictures above you can see a close up of the photos, which are about 4″ x 6″ each, and how they are spread across the surface of PA City Hall on an adhesive vinyl. You can’t tell from the photos, but the vinyl is full of tiny holes which enable the folks inside to still be able to see outside.

During this project, Yates travelled the city streets using an electrically powered scooter which used solar panels for power. You can see the solar power panels/art piece that he stored the scooter in on the photo on the right. After seeing that weird structure for so long, I’m so glad to finally learn what it was for.





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