Are you ready to Partay?!

Tonight I’ll be on Jonny’s Partay, a live video chat show staring Jonny Goldstien. I’m really looking forward to this and I hope some of ya’ll can catch it.

“Join us this Weds, April 9, 9PM EST, as DocPop (AKA Doctor Popular AKA Drown Radio) is drops his new nerdcore album Me Geek Pretty One Day on Jonny’s Par-tay. Tracks like “LolCats” and “Gygax” will send you into a spiral of geekgastic ecstasy…

So come Par-tay with us! Here’s the details:

What: A live online interactive video free for all with Doc Pop, hosted by Jonny Goldstein, and served up with flavor by Scott Stead.
When: 9-10 PM EST, Weds, April 9
Why: This is your chance to par-tay with nerdcore star, world third ranked yoyoist, fashion icon, comic book artist DocPop. Need I say more?”





3 responses to “Are you ready to Partay?!

  1. Francis Avatar

    I’m trying to buy MGPOD but it’s not working! Also, where’s that glow in the dark underwear? 🙁

  2. doc Avatar

    hopefully that’s all fixed?

  3. Francis Avatar

    Yesh, it’s all fixed now. 🙂

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