Dr. Octoroc’s pixel art with beads

Gutsdozer Topographic Bead Sprite
When you think about it, beads are the “sprites” of the craft world, so it’s really no surprise that the two should come together. Dr. Octoroc uses Perler plastic beads to breathe new life into classic video game sprites. His newest piece, Gutsdozer, was made using 16,000 beads. By layering the beads, Dr. Octoroc was also able to create a more depth than a traditional beadsprite would contain. I’m a new fan of Doc Oc’s and you can be too: Etsy store, flickr page, myspace music, and Digg his crazy Gutsdozer piece.

Doctor Octoroc will also be illustrating the art for Game Music 4 All’s upcoming “Here Comes a New Challenger” compilation (which pits chiptune artists against nerdcore rappers and singers). I can’t wait to see the piece he does of 8bit bEtty and myself.

Other beadsprite sites of note include: beadsprites.com, beadsprites.informe.com, Foglera’s perler bead sprites, flickr bead sprite group.






7 responses to “Dr. Octoroc’s pixel art with beads

  1. Levi Avatar

    Sweet! Thanks for the props my fellow M.D.! Do you want to be Carter or Clooney?

  2. star Avatar

    Dude, I used to love perler beads as a kid. I even made some mario themed ones…but it was like, mushrooms and question boxes. I’m super floored by this guy’s stuff! kudos!

  3. John-Bot Avatar

    Gutsdozer was a nice choice. Very neat stuff.

  4. VideoGames Radar Avatar

    great article.visited your site for first time today,but i must say your write is of top notch and i will surely frequent your site 🙂

  5. North Georgia Web Design Avatar

    That is amazing. I can't imagine the time and focus needed to create that. It reminds me of those lego models you see in places like Six Flags and Disney parks.

  6. Rims Avatar

    This is really a wonderful job done by Dr. Octoroc. I was so amazed to see those and looking for more.

  7. […] Oc has worked on many kick ass projects, including the 8-Bit Dr. Horrible project and his amazing bead sprite pixel art. I’m stoked to see him staying productive and teaming up with one of my favorite nerdrappers. […]

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