Free Poster Films

Laughing Squid recently blogged a collection of films by Free Poster Films out of Massachusetts. FPS make some of the most well sequenced stop motion films that I have seen. I hope these guys release a dvd sometime. Check out this video, titled Tony VS Paul:

I believe the charm in a well done stop motion film is that it gives the viewer the feeling of “oh, I could do that”. Unlike expensive special effects, the viewer can relate to it. Even though we can figure out how most of the “tricks” were done, we also understand how difficult they must have been to shoot. Knowing the difficulty of Free Poster’s production adds a new level of enjoyment to the short film without pulling us away from from the humor and action as it unfolds.

Shooting my own stop motion film has been a long time goal. I’ve got a couple short ideas I’d love to do, or maybe make my own music video, but I won’t be execute any of these ideas on my own. Someday though.