If you ever find yourself wondering if a website (like youtube, amazon, etc) is down just not working for you or if it’s down for everyone, you can check out & enter your sites url to check the status.
The only thing I’m wondering now is what happens if you want to know if is down for everyone, or just for you. Perhaps I should register






3 responses to “IDFEOJFMDFEOJFM?

  1. Victoria Avatar

    Don’t forget IsDownForEveryoneOrJustMeDownForEveryoneOrJustMe.ASIA

  2. doc Avatar

    Is “.asia” a real suffix?

    A bunch of my friend’s sites have been getting blocked in China, which also makes me think that “” would be a cool site to register too. Enter a url, and find out if you are blocked.

  3. doc Avatar

    Ah yes, it appears that a Twitter version of just for me has appeared.

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