Lucas goes postal

R2-D2 spotted on the rough streets of Palo Alto

Like a snowstorm on Hoth, the 30 year anniversary of Star Wars is quickly approaching. To commemorate this historic event the United States Post Office is releasing a new line of Star Wars stamps. These 41 cent stamps (why oh why couldn’t they be one penny more?!) will be available May 25th and feature water color versions of your favorite Star Wars characters… as well as some of the characters from the recent Star Wars films.

As promotion for the stamps release, the USPS has sent an army of R2-D2 themed post boxes out on the streets. Pictured above is an R2 unit I saw on the rough and tumble streets of Palo Alto, more pictures here and here. Check out these awesome pictures of the post office’s rebel robot army on

May the fourty-one-cents be with you.