Me Geek Pretty One Day, now available!

Drown Radio’s debut solo album, Me Geek Pretty One Day, is finally here! To put it simply, Me Geek Pretty One Day is 50+ minutes of endearingly nerdy hip hop, instrumentals, remixes, and ringtones all for just $8. You can read more about MGPOD here, or just go ahead and buy it here.

Me Geek Pretty One Day is also the very first full length album available via SMS! Dial (515) 862-1000 from your cell phone and then pressing 6 to buy the album. If you forward the song to a friend, by pressing 3, you will be sent a free copy of lolCats (radio edit) via SMS.

I’m very happy with this release, as a matter of fact i’ve been listening to it every day for the past month, it’s great! It’s fantastic! It’s better than bad, it’s good! So please check it out, and tell your friends about it.