MGPOD for 826

For the next week, $2 of every album that I sell will be donated to the marvelous 826 National. 826, a nonprofit founded by Dave Eggers and his McSweeney‘s cronies, is dedicated to teaching creative writing, screenwriting, publishing, ESL, and numerous other classes to students. I have been volunteering at the 826 Valencia (also known as the “pirate store”) on and off for the last 4 years. 

During a typical field trip to 826, students are informed that there is an angry editor that works in the office upstairs and needs a original new stories right away. The students then work together to create characters, plot, and the setting for this story. I get to illustrate their bizarre creations, and at the end of the trip, each student leaves with a copy of their very own story. It’s great to help these kids realize a vision and turn it into a real physical thing.

You can read more about my new album Me Geek Pretty One Day here, or check out some of the work I’ve created for 826: Three Jungle Friends Learn To Swim, Purple Coconut, March GladnessRad Hair Day, The French Fryketeer Adventure, and Tie Patches.






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