MUNI makes Narnia poster cool

Have you seen the advertising for Disney’s new Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian? It’s hard to miss, especially in our neighborhood. Movie banners are everywhere, including on the sides of MUNI buses.

I love the unfortunate awesome placement of one of the buses yellow reflectors over Prince Caspian’s face. Imagine this evil eye blinking on and off at you as the bus makes a turn. Can you say Scott Summers? I would love to see how the Chronicles of Narnia would deal with “the mutant problem”.





14 responses to “MUNI makes Narnia poster cool

  1. Katy Avatar

    that is so awesome, Cyclops Caspian!

  2. Erica Avatar

    Prince Caspian was created by man.
    He evolved.
    He rebelled.
    He has a plan.

  3. Luke Avatar

    Linked on boing boing!

    i’d like to see how much your numbers jumped

  4. doc Avatar

    Hey Luke, email sent.

    BTW, you can always check the statcounter at the bottom of the page to follow them. That’s my unique visits, not page views.

  5. Steve Avatar

    Not a patch on the police recruitment poster

  6. doc Avatar

    Thanks for that link Steve, that picture is hilarious.

  7. […] April 23, 2008 Inquiring minds want to know: Is there any truth to the rumors that Prince Caspian is one of the Final Five? Well, it sure looks that way from this picture spotted on the side of a San Francisco MUNI bus, courtesy of DocPop: […]

  8. Ian Avatar

    This is just great. I bet the artist even knew it when he did it.

  9. terrytip Avatar

    Waring his 3D glases, Prince Caspian seemes right there in front of you…

  10. SilentYume Avatar

    lol EPIC FAIL!!! That's wicked 🙂

  11. I Think It's Avatar
    I Think It's

    awesome!! i want to see it now 😀

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