New items up for auction

I posted 3 new auctions to eBay this morning:

Rare Casio DM-100. Circuit bent by Highly Liquid, who also added a midi in. I’ve used this funky beast on several songs, including MC Frontalot’s Pr0n S0ng and several tracks on Me Geek Pretty One Day.

Nudie Jeans, “Straight Sven”. These are brand new, with tags. Size 29″ waist by 29″ inseam.

Imperial Denim, Raw King Black Selvage. Also new with tags and the same size; 29″ waist/29″ inseam.





5 responses to “New items up for auction

  1. Francis Avatar

    Cool jeans… Unfortunately, I have to settle for Converse One-Star jeans. Which are actually very nice.

  2. MrTriscut Avatar

    I just hope you’re not giving up hardware for software!

    Just found some of your sites, very creative.

    Have you considered joining the Sleepwear Fetish Cult? We could always use a man who knows how to sew. We’re a work in progress, newly formed, Vancouver, BC pyjama society.

  3. doc Avatar

    Hey MrTriscut. I’m not trading hardware for software, just trading which hardware I have. I need a better mic and some and laptop… hence the eBay sales.

    Your newly formed cult sounds keen, but I think not living in BC could hinder my involvement. Am I wrong?

  4. MrTriscut Avatar

    Good to hear, hardware is essential to balance the chakra of the band.

    Well you’re right, and you’re wrong, kinda maybe.

    The cult although started and at this time based in Vancouver is not limited to any one location. We accept members from all parts of the globe. You are more then welcome to be a member. No site yet, but we’ve got an proto-site hiding in the shadows of the Facebook monolith as a group. If you’re a member of the Crackbook look us up, we’re the only one!

    We’re here to further sleepwear rights in society and to push the bounds of sleepwear design!

    Have a super happy great day!

  5. salutatous Avatar

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