Skype Lyfe (featuring MC Router)

I’ve added another song to TheSixtyOne called “Skype Lyfe” which is, of course, one of the songs off of my new album Me Geek Pretty One Day. This is the only song I’ve done with MC Router, and it all started off as her idea. She originally asked me to make her a beat using those hot sounds in the Skype soundset, but after I heard her chorus I knew I had to get some vocals on there too.

Originally, Skype Lyfe was to appear on MC Router’s debut solo album, but before the album was released, she decided she wanted to switch gears and go for a glitchier/idm sound. She sent out a bulletin announcing that she would no longer be making nerdcore hip-hop and then she deleted her old myspace account. She has recently been working with new producers, and will start posting her new musics on to her new myspace account.

So… Skype Lyfe is officially the very last nerdcore song MC Router made.

You can buy Me Geek Pretty here!






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