As I recently mentioned in this blog entry, I’ve had a long running fascination with lo-fi stop motion films. Today, in a burst of inspiration, I finally created my first experiment in stop motion animation.

“sl33p” was created in my girlfriend’s apartment using my laptop and a program called iStopMotion 2.0. In the video, the room cleans itself before I walk in and lay on the bed. Then I turn on the t.v. and fall asleep. My hand then sleep walks, or something, and I wake back up.

It took about 2 hours for me to film the animation, then about 4 hours to export the god damned footage to iMovie so I could add audio.

The reason I made sl33p was just to learn how the software works and test a proof of concept. Next, I’d like to recreate the famous fight scene in the Amok Time episode of Star Trek using peeps. I’ve already made the music!






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