So stoked about St. Louis

Man, I’m getting really hyped about going to the Missouri State Yo-Yo Contest next weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, learning new yo-yo tricks, but most of all, I’m looking forward to hanging out at the City Museum… The most dangerous children’s park in the Midwest!

Seriously, I love the City Museum. The highlight of last years event was hanging out with my friends and climbing the through the CM’s pipes and tunnels. I’m looking forward to seeing what new additions they’ve added to the building. I still think they should consider using my mascot ideas:

I’ll be arriving Friday night, and will be hanging out until Monday morning. I’ll be judging all the yo-yo divisions and the diabolo freestyles too. BTW, A lot of people have been asking about when the next batch of Blue Bolts will be available, well I’ll be bringing 30 Blue Bolts to sell at MoYo to help pay for my trip.