the coolest Neil Gaiman interview ever.

I was very lucky to have seen Scott McCloud’s presentation at Google last year with my friend Jason Shiga. During Scott’s 50 state tour of the US, his daughters Sky and Winter McCloud, produced a series of video blogs and interviews (called “Winterviews“). Sky was the camera girl/editor, while Winter was the “on air talent”. These videos just got better and better as the tour went on, and I was sad when the tour (and┬ásubsequently┬áthe vlogs) came to an end.

Luckily, nearly one year later, the lost Neil Gaiman Winterview has been posted on Comic Book Resources. Read about it here or watch it here.

In other Gaiman related news, Neil recently announced that the case against comic book store owner Gordon Lee versus the State of Georgia was recently dismissed. Gaiman said that the Comic Book Legal Defense fund spend $100,000 in this case. Reading how the prosecution in Georgia trumped up the charges and mishandled the case is bad enough but to think of the taxpayer money that was wasted trying to send an innocent man to jail is simply heartbreaking. Lee had previously been charged with selling adult oriented comics to adults in a 1993 obscenity charge. He was ordered to pay $1,000 and spend 12 months in jail, but these where later dropped. The case was denied appeals by both the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Georgia Supreme Court.





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