Dusting off the Gocco

gocco print

I bought a Gocco at a yard sale last year and never got a chance to use it, but since I ran out of the last of my silkscreened shipping supplies, I decided to dust it off and put it to use for the very first time. All the directions were in Japanese, but the design was so intuitive that I had no problems burning my screen. Within 4 hours I created my screen and printed my logo (the cloud hand) on over 260 envelopes.

260 silkscreened packages





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  1. […] show. I had 800 unfolded copies of The Flatjack Incident ($85), 500 index cards ($2), and of course my Gocco with one screen and one set of flash bulbs ($12 in Gocco materials). We let Scott watch as we […]

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