Indigo Hands Are The Denim’s Plaything

My tailoring gig for Self Edge has been crazy lately. We’ve opened online orders to our chainstitched hemming, and my work load has nearly tripled. I tailored 25 pairs of jeans just yesterday, which left my hands stained with an indigo dye, but also earned me enough to finally purchase a pair of the very limited Self Edge X Flat Head collaboration jeans! My Samurais are finally getting retired (after 16 months of heavy use) and I’m loving my new indigo SEXFHs.


Here is a pic of the “classic yo-yo” leather tag + the special edition red Duncan butterfly

And the jeans getting their first cold soak

A lot of folks are really over-soaking their SEXFHs to get the shrinkage out. I’ve seen a lot of these jeans and figure even though the inseam may shrink 2 inches, it’s the type of material that will probably just stretch back out about 1.5 inches. So I decided to go with a real light, cold soak to keep them pretty stiff and raw. The rise is a little low on them, but the rest of the fit is absolutely perfect for me, I’m really loving them.

Btw, I’ve got a pair of brand new Self Edge X Flat Head collaboration jeans, for sale. They are a 31″ waist/ 31″ inseam, and could be yours for $300. Email me if intersted; yoyogenius at gmail





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  1. Self Edge Avatar

    We love it when your hands touch our hems.

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