Sewing Squid

Scott Beale recently handed me a sticker that his friend from made. The sticker is an embroidered version of the Laughing Squid logo, and it looks great. Since there are only a few of these (10?), I was a little hesitant to just put it anywhere. Finally decided to just go ahead and sew it onto my Lovelife bag. I was worried the sticky tape on the back would gum up my machines needle, but it went smoothly.





4 responses to “Sewing Squid

  1. […] UPDATE: I gave Doc Poc a patch, which he has sewn on to his Lovelife bag. […]

  2. Francis Avatar

    When I’m not so lazy I’ll have to mail in to get some Laughing Squid stickers.

    If I ever start animating in Flash again, I’ll have to look in to Laughing Squid for hosting. Many moons ago I had a webtoon hosted on Porplemontage. Porplemontage is pretty much dead now, but at the time it was thriving. I was required to stick the logo at the beginning and end of my animations, plus on every single page. That was really annoying, but I wouldn’t mind having the Laughing Squid logo on my page!

  3. doc Avatar

    Dude, I’d love to see some animations.

  4. Francis Avatar

    Those old animations weren’t very good. There was one in particular that had terrible, terrible art, but I still like the idea and would like to re-animate it. I bet I could make it better than before at this point. I’ll check into that.

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