Craft Out Loud

Introducing the LOL-let! The worlds first wallet featuring my patented “laugh out loud” technology.

You see the secret to the LOL-let is the appliqued (and embroidered) two “L”s and one “O” which are guaranteed to generate generous gobs of giggles and guffaws. [guarantee only valid in some scandinavian countries].

LOL-lets are available through my Etsy site or through the shop here on (check them both out for different designs and options). I’ve also updated both sites with new crafts and restocked popular items. More new-ness to come.



LOL-let road sign 2


LOL-let road sign 1





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  1. […] trying to embroider 25 "LOL"s tonight for a big batch of LOL-lets I’m working on. Hoping to have 50 or so ready for ROFLthing at the end of the […]

  2. Daniel Avatar

    Cool, very nice looking wallet.

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