Hellavetica- hand drawn font


Helvetica is tearing our country apart. Some people love it, others not so much. Critics say that Helvetica is overused (in fact, you’ve probably seen it on Nestle Bars, American Airlines planes, or Crayons), but I love its elegant design and nostalgic appeal.

So I created my own hand drawn version of Helvetica that I call Hellavetica. I created it using a web site called Fontify.com and a Pilot V.5 pen. Fontify is a cool service that I highly recommend. Simply print their font layout sheet, fill it in with your own handwriting, scan and upload it, and Fontify will do the rest. You’ll get a chance to see what your font will look like before you commit to buying it. Yes, it does cost money, but $9 is a small price to pay for your own font. I created a font called Doc Pop Brush a few years ago and I still use that shit. Money well spent.

On the down side, Fontify is an automated process, but it isn’t perfect. Spacing can be a bit wonky, fonts often don’t look great when enlarged, and you may want to try changing your font in photoshop a few times and checking it closely before commiting to the purchase.

For the hell of it, I posted Hellavetica and Doc Pop Brush in my store for real cheap if anyone wants to use them.

Doc Pop Brush


6 responses to “Hellavetica- hand drawn font

  1. Francis Avatar

    It’s hellavent.

  2. Francis Avatar

    Or hellavant, however it is you spell that.

  3. allegra Avatar

    Allegra (fexofenadine) for Hay Fever: First allergy medicine that has helped me. Love it.

  4. PenisAdvantage Avatar

    thank for the great information…

  5. ChurchHatesTucker Avatar

    Here’s my (free) versions of Georgia, as if drawn by some obsessive with a ballpoint.

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